Falling Over 50 - Art of Falling Beginning Workshop

Falling Over 50 - Art of Falling Beginning Workshop

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Workshop TENTATIVE START Date : April 3rd
2019 Beginning Falling Classes scheduled for Wednesday 3-5pm. Learn how to fall! Register now for the January Falling Over 50 Workshop.

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You are purchasing a total of 8 Training Sessions, scheduled over a 2-month period of time. There are 4 unique classes and 4 practice classes. This will enable you to train and to build muscle memory over the 2 month period. We recommend regular and safe mind-body training on your own, as well as continued training through visualization for continued training. Additional training workshops may also be offered. Please inquire about add-on opportunities to train during aikido and mind-body classes through Austin Ki Movement.

Please note: We are currently offering additional training classes at no additional charge while you are training in our workshops. Take advantage of this INCREDIBLE offer now while we are still in our startup period for this unique program.