AUSTIN KI MOVEMENT // An Austin Ki Aikido Dojo

Experience Ki Life.
Experience Austin Ki Movement.



Learn coordination.
Learn to throw. Learn to fall safely.


Learn to focus your energy and intention.


Move in harmony.


You will experience “The unity of calm and action.”

— Koichi Tohei


"the true way to success is ... the principle of non-dissention"

— Koichi Tohei


Ways to join

Austin Ki Movement offers Dojo training in Aikido, as well as workshops that apply principles from Aikido to training in functional movement. Come and check us out!


Workshops (1-2 hrs / session)
$40 - $85
Self-defense / Falling over 40
- 2-4 sessions
- Repeatable

Monthly Dojo Memberships
$70 — Monthly Unlimited

Austin Ki Society Membership
$85 - Monthly Unlimited, both dojos

Drop-in Classes (1 hr)

$20 — Per class
$40 — Per week
$60 — 5 Class Package
$75 — 10 Class Package

Upcoming Workshops

We offer workshops in Falling and Self-Defense

 Falling Over 40

Falling Over 40

Falling Over 40

According to the CDC, falling is a leading cause of injury as we age. In order to create the muscle memory of falling correctly, I am offering an ongoing series of classes in January and February to teach and practice this skill.

Attendance is limited, so be sure to sign up soon! Register by completing a waiver and purchasing the workshop package. Call 512.553.5413 if you have any questions.

 A.C.I.D. Self Defense

A.C.I.D. Self Defense

Dissolve Your Fear with A.C.I.D.

We are excited to be launching this program in Spring 2019! We are launching this offering by sponsoring an activity for American Youthworks, Texas Conservation Corps in January 2019. Stay Tuned for more news!


We make it it easy to work with us. Workshop or Dojo. The choice is yours.