Moving for Peace

PTP fundraiser - nondissension.png

Movement & Peace for a fantastic cause

Spring in Austin is here! Come out and enjoy the day on Saturday May 11 at Thicket Food Park in South Austin as you eat tamales, vegan al pastor tacos, Italian & Thai cuisine. Enjoy your lunch as you make Mother’s Day cards at PEACE through PIE’s booth. Sip on a cold brew as you watch a demonstration of the Japanese, mind-body martial Art of Peace by Austin Ki Movement, and get FREE on-the-spot classes that will leave you feeling calm and confident, while connecting to your inner strength. Take a break and do a quick yoga class by Wellness Within Reach. Learn about an amazing non-profit, PEACE through PIE and their work in building programs and experiences that help Austinites to connect with one another and build a peacemaking culture. PEACE through PIE and Austin Ki Movement both believe that we are stronger together, because Peace Includes Everyone! Austin Ki Movement will be raising money for this awesome organization by selling classes at their studio in East Austin. Proceeds will benefit Peace Through PIE.