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Mind-body coordination. Inner strength. falling agility.

Austin Ki Movement.



Classes & Workshops

We offer classes in Ki-Aikido, Mind-body Movement and workshops in the Art of Falling

Do you ever feel stressed and unbalanced by conflict? Do you ever wish there was a different way to respond to physical or verbal conflict? Aikido training teaches us how to use the power of our mind in harmony with the power of our body and our breath to meet life's conflicts with deftness and confidence. Aikido training provides you with physical and mental training that will prepare you to meet life's conflicts. An aikido practitioner uses the energy of an attack against an opponent.  

Do you ever wish you had another way to deal with stress? Come join us and discover the power of this Japanese mind-body movement system to help you detox from life's conflicts and supercharge your inner strength. This class will challenge your mind-body coordination through a combination of solo, paired and group exercises, based on martial arts movement. Come for a fun mind-body class that will focus your mind and leave you feeling centered and refreshed. 

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The Art of Falling

According to the CDC, falling is a leading cause of injury as we age. to help offset this risk, Austin ki movement is offering people instruction in mind-body coordination to prevent falls in addition to instruction in how to fall safely. this class is based upon the japanese art of ukeme, known as the art of falling. join us and take advantage of a unique opportunity to learn this valuable, functional life skill.

Learn coordination.
Learn to throw. Learn to fall safely.


Learn to focus your energy and intention.


Move in harmony.


You will experience “The unity of calm and action.”

— Koichi Tohei


"the true way to success is ... the principle of non-dissention"

— Koichi Tohei


Ways to join

Austin Ki Movement offers Dojo training in Aikido, as well as workshops that apply principles from Aikido to training in functional movement. Come and check us out!


Art of Falling Class
Sold in 5-pack quantities

Monthly Dojo Memberships
$80 — Monthly Unlimited

Drop-in Classes (1 hr)

$20 — Per class
$75 — 5 Class Package
$120 — 10 Class Package


We make it it easy to work with us. Workshop or Dojo. The choice is yours.